No lucky shots, but lasting success.

What I supply

Commercial thinking and execution skills. Within a concrete project with a head and a tail. 

My specialism lies mainly at the intersection of commerce and digital. Examples include roles such as Manager E-commerce, (online) trade marketing manager or general marketing management. 

what I am going for

Grow faster and smarter. As an interim manager or co-entrepreneur.

Not "lucky shots," but lasting success. In fact, commercial success is anything but "lucky. It is based on concrete insights and depends on various factors. It is the challenge to analyze where the improvements are and how these can be implemented and capitalized on.

What about me

An "always-on-the-go" bon vivant with an uninhibited curiosity about everything to do with commerce and human behavior. For that reason not made to stay too long in one place. On the other hand born to be an interim manager! At the age of 26 (at the height of the credit crisis) I made a very conscious choice for the 'interim existence'. I thrive on strong commercial ambitions in the most diverse places, but also from situations where intervention is necessary. 

I received my bachelor of marketing in 2003 and my post-initial master in Brand Management from the European Institute for Brand Management in 2010. I graduated with the master thesis "Representatives: budding brand builders or unguided projectiles". In it, I demonstrate which leadership style is best suited to turn representatives into brand builders.

Koen Coppens